4-in-1 Fast Charge Cable

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Designed for versatility, Space240 is the fastest USB-C charging cable for your Lightning and USB-C devices.  Quickly transition between USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning connectors to charge your devices.

The diameter of the wire is 5mm, can withstand up to 240 watts power charging(PD3.1). Thanks to the use of new silicone material, it is softer than ordinary wire and also skin-friendly.

Reinforced with strong aluminum-alloy and zinc-alloy connector housings, this cable has been engineered for extreme durability and heavy daily use.


  • 240W USB-C PD core cable
  • Support PD3.1 and QC3.0
  • USB-A and Lightning adapters
  • Silicone wire cover
  • Double metal alloy connector plugs
  • Thick phone-case friendly
  • Data transmission ≤480Mbps
  • 1.5m/5ft. Length

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