4-in-1 Fast Charge USB4 Cable (Ultra-Edition)

$39.90 USD $29.90 USD

Speed Level: USB4 Gen2 (≤20Gbps)

USB4 Gen3 (≤40Gbps)
USB4 Gen2 (≤20Gbps)
Best Charge Cable

Designed for professional and versatility, Space240 Ultra is the most powerful USB-C charging cable for your Lightning and USB-C devices.  Quickly transition between USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning connectors to charge your devices.

Space240 Ultra supports PD3.1 (240W Charging Power), which means it can almost any devices: from Airpods to laptops, iPhones, Samsung phones, and other phones. 

Space240 Ultra also supports USB4, which means it can transfer data at a superspeed. Many professional devices needs superspeed data transmission, such as iPhone 15 Pro Series and MacBooks.

Reinforced with strong aluminum-alloy and zinc-alloy connector housings, this cable has been engineered for extreme durability and heavy daily use.


  • USB4 cable
  • 240W USB-C PD core cable
  • Support PD3.1 and QC3.0
  • USB-A and Lightning adapters
  • Double braided nylon wire
  • Double metal alloy connector plugs
  • Thick phone-case friendly
  • Data transmission ≤40Gbps or ≤20Gbps
  • 1.2m/4ft. Length or 1.5m/5ft. Length

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