4-in-1 Fast Charge Cable (GT-Edition)

$29.90 USD $19.90 USD

Color: Gulf (2m/6FT.)

Yellow (1m/3FT.)
Gulf (2m/6FT.)
Green (3m/10FT.)
Best Charge Cable

StarCable is a legend, it is our first star-product. To celebrate StarCable sales reaching every 100,000 Pcs,  we designed this GT-Edition.

Designed for versatility, StarCable is a very fast USB-C charging cable for your Lightning and USB-C devices. Quickly transition between USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning connectors to charge your devices.

StarCable can withstand up to 60 watts power charging, it can charge anything from handheld devices to laptops when paired with the right charger.

Reinforced with zinc-alloy connector housings and nylon braided wire, this cable is tough and strong, it can even withstand the pets' biting.


  • 60W USB-C PD core cable
  • Support PD and QC
  • USB-A and Lightning adapters
  • Double nylon braided cover
  • Zinc-alloy connector plugs
  • Thick phone-case friendly
  • Data transmission ≤480Mbps
  • 3 length and 3 color to choose

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